NEWSFLASH: I Am Swapping Places with the Duchess of Cambridge for the MAD Blog Awards

As regular readers of Right Royal Mother will know, Friday 16 September sees me hoofing it up to London – right next door to the Duchess of Cambridge’s Kensington abode, no less, for the UK’s biggest parenting blog awards – the Mad Blog Awards – as a FINALIST for Best New Blog. Regular readers will also know I returned to work last week… but may not know that as my day job, I work at a secondary Academy.

Imagine the snort of disbelief, then, to find – on the Kensington Palace twitter feed – the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting Stewards (secondary) Academy on Friday 16 September. That at the very same time I am speeding towards the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington to enjoy a night of royal rollicking in the guise of Right Royal Mother, Kate is stepping into my shoes and going to work at a school just like mine. Talk about a life swap of a lifetime(!)

SParenting - 1

Could I get drunk enough at the MADs to sneak in through the back gate of Kensington Apt. 1A?

Yet it’s not the first time spooky goings-on have happened since I started blogging. With sometimes spine-tingling accuracy, my stories seem to have often overlapped with what has happened to Kate in reality. In no particular order, here are just a few examples (there are more but WordPress bullets are driving me insane and I have had to stop at five before I throw my laptop across the room):

So there we have it. It’s not exhaustive, this list, as I say but I have work in the morning. And on Friday, I’ll be travelling to the MAD Blog Awards (did I mention that?)… whilst the DoC travels to a secondary Academy JUST like mine.

Now, who’s going to win Best New Blog? That’s where my predictions end, I’m afraid – there is such a stonkingly amazing gang of bloggers up for the award, I feel like royalty just being part  :). What is for sure, though, is that it’s going to be a RIGHT. ROYAL. ROLLICKING. NIGHT. Good luck everyone!!

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