Hello. I am Polly Sharpe, a working mother of two small children.

One of us had a choice over whether to show their face.

One of us had a choice over whether to show their face.

RIGHT ROYAL MOTHER is an outlet for three things: writing, discussing the Duchess of Cambridge (escapism) and parenting. Each post is inspired by something the media has reported on and how it translates to ‘ordinary’ parents. It is almost all fictional*.

I live in Hampshire, UK. I have 12 years’ experience in writing and communications and over five years of experience in being a ‘right royal’ wife and mother. I’m pretty passionate about exceeding your expectations of finding something to laugh at me for.

I have been blown away by the response to Right Royal Mother in the short few months I’ve been blogging, getting my dream agent, being a finalist for Best New Blog in the biggest UK parenting blog awards (the MADs), being featured in the press (BBC, What Would Kate Do, Country Child, Tots 100, Salisbury Parenting, etc.) and writing for Mail Online with She’s a Duchess, Not a Temptress. Blogging royalty is where it’s at though, and as well as being featured post on many a wonderful linky, it was brilliant, in the early weeks of this year, to be described by the princess of single mother-dom @babyorbankrupt in her ‘My favourite bloggers: if I was in charge of the 2016 blogging awards’ post as:

4.) The Duchess of Blogging: Right Royal Mother

… What I do not hate, however, is the way that Right Royal Mother shows up the farce that is obsequiousness and a doffing the cap mentality on the part of the nation’s tabloids to a frankly very normal family, a family just like that of Right Royal Mother, in fact, but without the palaces, media scrum and history of chopping off the heads of those who deign to disagree.

I have also been praised by industry monarchs including the founders of Montezuma’s chocolate and Gwen Stefani’s favourite, Love Rocky clothing and Ella’s Kitchen’s king:

I occasionally write posts that include products or services I think the Duchess of Cambridge – and, more importantly an ‘ordinary’ mother like me – would enjoy. These are story posts, e.g. Pump Up the Ma’am… and are always humorous and reflect my true opinion.

Please feel free to email at: polly@rightroyalmother.com or follow me on twitter: @RtRoyalMother


*some parts are directly taken from my life. I’ll leave you to work out which.